Programme Monitoring

Complementary to the University’s Periodic Academic Review processes, the Continuous Programme Monitoring processes allow Programme Teams to identify innovations and developments within their provision that enhance the student academic experience and its outcomes. It seeks to explore innovation and entrepreneurship within programmes. It questions whether improvements have occurred, evaluating ‘what works’ and ‘what doesn’t’ and how Programme Teams close loops on any identified issues or problems that need addressing.

The Programme Monitoring Report and Action Plan are created within an online system, where programme specific data is pre-populated and performance rated to support a metrically driven, risk-based approach to monitoring. Programme Teams are required to evaluate the data and provide supporting commentary to highlight any required improvement strategies and good practice that can be shared. In addition, the Monitoring Report requires evaluation of student, External Examiner, employer/industry and PSRB feedback.  

The Continuous Programme Monitoring Quality Assurance Manual sets out the approved processes and the operation of responsibilities for Annual Programme Monitoring.

All Programme Monitoring Reports are created within the Continuous Programme Monitoring System. Advice on how to use the system is available from your link Quality Officer, and the system can be accessed via the link below.