Student Reviewers

Student Reviewer Induction


To prepare you to become a Student Reviewer, OQSP, in conjunction with the Students’ Union, will provide an awareness of quality issues that will help you to prepare for any events you will be involved with. This takes the form of a short induction giving you some background theory, followed by a short test. The test is not formal and required to be passed, just a check of your understanding.

The induction session is then followed up by a meeting with one of the Quality, Standards and Partnership Officers to specifically discuss the event(s) that you will be involved in. These sessions will introduce you to the University’s quality assurance processes and the wider national agenda.

As well as a focus on the University’s processes themselves, the Student Reviewer opportunity also helps you to focus on, and develop, broader business skills, such as teamwork, questioning styles, planning, verbal communication and information processing, all of which will be beneficial during your studies and future professional careers.


To get involved with our work:


You DO NOT need any specific knowledge about a particular subject area

You DO NOT need to know about the internal workings of the University

You DO NOT need to be a student rep or hold any specific posts within the University


You DO need to have opinions based on your experience as a student

You DO need to be prepared to discuss and share those experiences as part of the initiative

You DO need to commit to the process once you understand what is involved

You DO need to attend the induction session and then meet with one of our Quality Officers before you participate in an event you have agreed to help with


You CAN gain credit towards achieving the Lincoln Award

You WILL develop valuable skills that will be useful both in your studies and to potential employers

You WILL enhance your CV

You WILL participate in activities that have real benefits for other students within the University