Video / Podcast

A Podcast is a digital audio or video file which can be downloaded and accessed via any device that can play media files. Podcasts may be a one-off individual media file but are usually made up of multiple media files to form a series that become available over a period of time. Podcasts and the art of podcasting are created/deployed in multiple formats and for numerous purposes.

Examples of some Podcast variants:

  • Enhanced Podcast: Can display images synchronized with audio
  • Podcast Novels/Audiobook: A literary format that combines concepts of podcasts and an audiobook
  • Video Podcasts (or shortened to vodcast): includes, usually short, video clips that are often distributed as video podcasts which break down a recoding into more manageable and accessible excerpts


Learning Recipe | Students Creating Self-Reflective Videos | Keivan Ahmadi & Tamin Chalati – Lincoln School of Film and Media (College of Arts)

Students are tasked with creating their own 5-minute video as a personal reflection of their course – what they have learned, most enjoyed, their achievements, and so forth. This forms a part of the end of year formal assessment.