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The role of the Office of Quality, Standards and Partnerships is to assure and enhance the quality and standards of the University’s programmes and awards, across the range of its academic activities.

The Office is responsible to the Academic Board through the Academic Affairs Committee. The Office provides independent and impartial advice, and monitors all academic provision.

The role of the Office includes:

  • Provision of advice on quality processes to Colleges, Schools, programme teams and individual academic and professional services staff. Each College has a designated link Quality Officer.
  • Provision of advice on, and monitoring of, relationships with academic partners, and the management of related agreements, policies and procedures.
  • Production and maintenance of key University policies, documents and records, including the University’s Quality Assurance Manual, Academic Partnerships Register and Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies Register.
  • Contribution to University policy and practice in relation to internal and external quality assurance and enhancement matters.
  • Management of the validation of new provision and amendments to existing provision.
  • Management of the annual monitoring and periodic review of existing provision.
  • Working with Student Reviewers in quality management and curriculum design.
  • Management of internal, and facilitation of external, reviews and audits.
  • Contribution to the University’s research, teaching quality and enhancement activities.
  • Promotion of the University’s reputation and external profile through effective management of the engagement with key external agencies such as the Quality Assurance Agency, HEFCE and Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies.



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