Information and Guidance

The Office of Quality, Standards and Partnerships is an independent department responsible for assuring and enhancing the quality and standards of the University’s awards and programmes, across the range of its academic activities.

The Office approves, monitors and reviews all academic provision, and provides the expert independent and impartial guidance and direction to all staff across the institution and to the University’s national and international academic partners. It produces, develops and maintains the key University policies, documents and records relating to all quality and standards matters, including legally binding academic partnership agreements; and is responsible for the management and facilitation of internal and external reviews and audits.

The University has a number of key processes designed to ensure the setting of appropriate Standards and the maintaining and enhancement of Quality across its academic provision. These principles and processes are detailed in discrete documents which combine to create the University’s Quality Assurance Manual and can be found through the links below.


The General Principles and Quality Assurance Policy describes how the University defines standards and quality and allocates responsibility for their maintenance.