Assessment Design

Sound assessment design is fundamental to the learning experience of all students at the University of Lincoln. When designing assessment strategies, staff should aspire to make the experience engaging, motivating, developmental and fair whilst being aware of the requirements of Professional, Statutory, Regulatory Bodies (PSRB) and the value of authentic approaches in assessment design.

Through the University’s validation and revalidation processes, we can ensure the University has a consistent approach to assessment, and is approving interesting, engaging, flexible and relevant programmes of study, with learning, teaching and assessment strategies that prepare students for a diverse and demanding future. (Re)Validation Panels will scrutinise programme and module assessment strategies and assessment types against the University’s Assessment Design Criteria.



ABC Workshops

Activity Based Curriculum (ABC) workshops, facilitated by the Digital Education Team, are an effective and collaborative method of planning and designing modules. This method has been adapted for University of Lincoln academics/teaching staff, from the University College London’s (UCL) original framework (Arena Blended Curriculum) which has been trialled in other HE institutions. Contact the Digital Education Team for more details.

The ADAPT Curriculum Development Process

The University has developed an Activity Development and Agile Planning for Teaching (ADAPT) process and an ENABLE (ENgaged Agile Blended Learning Experience) framework which has 5 key principles to support an agile and flexible approach to remote teaching and blended learning delivery and meet changing social distancing requirements. Further detail can be found at this link.