An assessed presentation is one of the best ways of assessing verbal key skills. It may also assess interaction skills. The following issues may help to get the best out of such activities:

• Involve students in negotiating the criteria for assessment
• Make the criteria for assessment of presentations clear at the beginning
• Work out with students the weightings of the aspects within the criteria
• Let students have an unassessed rehearsal
• Involve students in peer assessment of one another’s presentations
• Keep the length and scope time limited to prevent boredom or unnecessary escalation of effort
• Choose a venue that isn’t too intimidating
• Videotaping presentations can be useful feedback and allow External Examiners to monitor performance
• Check what other presentations students may be doing to avoid overkill
It is important to recognise the possible limits or disadvantages for students presenting in a language that is not their first language, and the communication difficulties that may result from some learning needs.